Garden Makeover in Maidenhead (Back to Garden Projects)

The Brief:

    • To lay paving to create a path around the house
    • To move, relay and square off the existing paving circle
    • To create a new small retaining wall along the back of the garden with a sunken brick edge for easy mowing
    • To create a new water feature, including a small pond and waterfall
    • To improve the area around and in front of the greenhouse by creating a new gravel area with railway sleeper stepping stones



Existing Paving Circle


Improved, Squared off Paving Circle

Greenhouse Corner Before

Greenhouse Corner After

Side Paving Before

Side Paving Before

Pond and Waterfall Before

Pond and Waterfall After

Around house before

Around house After

Side Path Before

Side Path After

Greenhouse Corner 2 Before

Greenhouse Corner 2 After

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