Rear garden makeover with porcelain patio and wild flower border. Cressex private road.(Back to Garden Projects)

The back garden of this detached house in Cressex had great potential but was in need of a bit of a rethink. The design was for a more contemporary look, using porcelain paving and inset lighting, which were complemented beautifully by other touches like a border of wildflowers around the outside of the lawn. The client was very pleased with the new look and also appreciated the attention to detail and our flexibility throughout the project. They were particularly pleased with how quickly the plants, lawn and wildflowers established over the first few weeks.









Pictures from the project, 6 weeks after completion.

6 Weeks onRA-6Weeks-1

6 Weeks onRA-6Weeks-2

6 Weeks onRA-6Weeks-3

6 Weeks onRA-6Weeks-4

6 Weeks onRA-6Weeks-5

6 Weeks onRA-6Weeks-6

6 Weeks onRA-6Weeks-7

6 Weeks onRA-6Weeks-8

6 Weeks onRA-6Weeks-9

6 Weeks onRA-6Weeks-10

6 Weeks onRA-6Weeks-11

6 Weeks onRA-6Weeks-12 - no 12th image ....??

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